Software Certification

One of the most important uses of having a standard by which to measure software quality characteristics is to be able to certify software to be at acceptable levels of risk to the business or mission the software supports.


Current software quality certifications focus on the competence of QA professionals to conduct full-lifecycle testing activities. Whilst it’s clearly important to ensure that testing professionals are skilled and well-trained, it is also important to certify the quality of the final product of the software development, test and maintenance processes.


There are numerous recent and forthcoming regulations that attempt to measure and specify cyber risk and resilience thresholds. The level of security and reliability built into the software that runs the digital business is a critical component of that cyber risk posture. CISQ has published a method by which organizations can certify the software end product against the Reliability, Security, Performance Efficiency and Maintainability standards approved by OMG®. Please see the Certification page for more information.


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