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CISQ Seminar Presentations Now Available: Measuring and Managing Software Risk, Security, and Technical Debt, September 17, 2014, Austin, TX

By Tracie Berardi, Program Manager, Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ)


Hello Seminar Attendees and CISQ Members,


Last week we met in Austin, Texas for a CISQ Seminar: Measuring and Managing Software Risk, Security, and Technical Debt. 


Presentations are posted to the CISQ website under “Event & Seminar Presentations.”
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The seminar was kicked off by Dr. Bill Curtis, CISQ Director, and Herb Krasner, Principal Researcher, ARiSE University of Texas. Are you looking to prove the ROI of software quality? Mr. Krasner’s presentation is exploding with helpful statistics. Dr. Israel Gat (Cutter) and Dr. Murray Cantor (IBM) went on to discuss the economics of technical liability and self-insuring software. Dr. William Nichols (SEI Carnegie Mellon) revealed results from studying the practices of agile teams. Robert Martin from MITRE, Director of the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE), and lead on the CISQ security specification, talked about the latest advancements in fighting software security weaknesses. 


Thank you for participating in this lively event! If you couldn’t make it to Austin, please feel free to view the presentations. Our next seminar will be in Reston, Virginia in late March 2015. 


CISQ aims to turn software quality into a measurable science. CISQ has developed quality measures for Security, Performance Efficiency, Reliability, and Maintainability that are going through the OMG standardization process now. You can view CISQ Quality Standard Version 2.1 on the CISQ site. We expect the measures to become official standards in early 2015.


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