Measuring IT Project Performances in Texas

Measuring IT Project Performances in Texas: House Bill (HB) 3275 Implications

CISQ Advisory Board member, Herb Krasner, has released a position paper for Texas state CIOs and IT leaders seeking guidance on House Bill (HB) 3275 passed in June 2017 requiring the reporting of software quality measurement in Texas State IT projects. Krasner drafted the legislation that was signed into law by Texas governor, Greg Abbott. Directives go into effect on January 1, 2018.

The new law, HB 3275 is available on the CISQ website for review.

Abstract from the position paper, Measuring IT Project Performances in Texas: House Bill (HB) 3275 Implications:

“Texas’ usage of IT is big and getting bigger, but past project performances have a “checkered” history. In June 2017 HB 3275 became law in Texas. It requires state agencies to improve the measuring and monitoring of large IT projects to collect and report on performance indicators for schedule, cost, scope, and quality. If these indicators go out of bounds, more intense scrutiny is then triggered, potentially requiring corrective action. These indicators will be made visible to the public via an online, user-friendly dashboard, and will be summarized annually in a report to state leaders. This new law facilitates the early detection of troubled projects, and helps establish baselines for improvement initiatives. This position paper discusses the implications and challenges of implementing this new law for state and agency IT leadership.”

Professor Herb Krasner recently retired from the University of Texas at Austin. He was the Director of Outreach Services for the UT Center for Advanced Research in Software Engineering (ARiSE) and founder and CTO of the UT Software Quality Institute (SQI). As a systems excellence consultant, his mission, spanning five decades, has been to enable the development of superior software intensive systems, and to stamp out poor quality software, wherever found. Mr. Krasner is active in Texas state legislature IT improvement initiatives. Full bio