CISQ Forum

Modern Metrics for Productivity and Continuous Improvement

DATE: June 18, 2019
TIME: 1:00pm – 5:00pm followed by networking reception
LOCATION: Park Inn Amsterdam City West, La Guardiaweg 59 NL-1043 DE Amsterdam Netherlands

Registration is open! Admission is complimentary. CISQ members and non-members are invited to attend.
This event is part of the OMG Technical Meeting, June 17-21 in Amsterdam. If you have free time in the morning on June 18, you may also like to attend a Data Residency Tutorial & Roundtable Discussion.

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Let's Discuss Quality and Technical Debt in a Agile and DevOps World

We’re at the intersection of agile behavior and digital engineering. Next-generation agile development will have to leverage unprecedented levels of automation from inception to implementation, and beyond. Speakers at this CISQ event will discuss how to increase velocity and reduce lead time without sacrificing quality or generating high levels of technical debt. We will discuss how to maximize automation within agile and the DevOps toolchain and strategies that take advantage of emerging standards and best practices.


Welcome from CISQ
Speaker: David Norton, CISQ Executive Director

Keynote Address
Speaker: Sonja Noben, Founder and Chief Executive of Digital Scaler
Sonja Noben was one of the driving forces of the large-scale digital and agile transformation at ING ahead of joining BNP Paribas Fortis as CIO and founding DigitalScaler, an enterprise consultancy. Sonja will talk about the digital transformation journey for innovative companies striving to deliver top quality experiences for their customers and how to create productive and collaborative environments for employees. She will discuss the opportunities, challenges, best practices and lessons learned from her travels. Her holistic approach to agile and DevOps will get CISQ members thinking about the upstream and downstream process beyond QA.

Measuring IT Risk and Innovation with Metrics
Speakers: David Norton, CISQ Executive Director; Sonja Noben, Founder and Chief Executive of DigitalScaler; Toine van Eeden, CIO of NCOI; Sergej Berendsen, COO of METRI
We will discuss how companies are building software today and how approaches have changed over the last few years. We will discuss how IT risk is measured, the cost of IT to the business, and how to balance technical debt with innovation. How does agile reduce this risk, or does it increase it? Hear lessons learned from your peers and help us navigate the path forward.

Automating Software Quality Measurement with Standards
Speaker: Paul Bentz, Director of Government and Industry Programs - Europe for CISQ
CISQ has pioneered the development of international standards to automate software quality measurement. These standards enable organizations developing or acquiring software-intensive systems to measure the operational risk software poses to the business, as well as estimate the cost of ownership. Paul Bentz will provide an overview of standards for software measurement and discuss the role of standards in delivering high-performing systems.

Measuring Development Productivity
Speaker: Harold van Heeringen, Senior Consultant at METRI, NESMA Board Member, and President of International Software Benchmarking Standards Group
This session will explore best practices in productivity and performance measurement. Companies are grappling with how to properly scope and measure agile development as there is little control over value delivered and cost. Harold will discuss trends and key metrics for agile teams.

Measuring Quality and Velocity in DevOps
Speaker: Prabha Anand, AVP - Delivery Excellence, Cognizant
Prabha Anand is Assistant Vice President with Cognizant leading the platform solutions, engineering excellence and tool based continuous improvement initiatives. Prabha will illustrate Cognizant’s strategy for accelerating DevOps maturity and team autonomy based on a framework of measurement best practices. Her session will share best practices for measuring time to deliver, quality and technical debt, and how to balance agility and team autonomy with control.

Networking Reception (5:00-6:00pm)


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