Quality Report Podcasts

Episode 16: High Quality Software Engineering as an Important Part of IT Governance by Raju Pusapati of American Express

High quality software measurements are more important than 5 years ago. For instance, in a customer-facing business, it is important to focus on response time to keep impatient customers from waiting. The idea is in better response to the customer with what is available. During development structural quality measures can guide choices for the best architecture and design of the product. The structural measurement of software has become more critical as more of the business is being run through business applications that interface directly with customers.


Podcast 16

Episode 15: Capers Jones on the Importance of Measuring Software Efficiency to Improve Quality Testing Process

Most organizations have a hazy picture of software quality. They think that the primary way of improving quality is through testing. Developing effective applications requires that the company realize what to do before testing and report on all defects found. Performing static analysis before testing reduces testing costs and shorten the entire development cycle.


Podcast 15

Episode 14: Bob Martin of MITRE Systems about the Implementation of Common Weakness Enumeration System for Improving Software Resilience

Bob Martin, a principal engineer at MITRE Corp., states that to create a reliable resilient software product developers must find the mistakes and weaknesses in the architecture, design and code of the product. Security testing should be improved d. During development knowledge from past mistakes should be incorporated. An efficient weakness enumeration system has to be created together with tools and services to make reports and remediate mistakes. Bob Martin’ advices put together quality methods to identify critical quality attributes how they will be measured to strengthen product resilience.


Podcast 14

Episode 13: Bob Martin of MITRE Systems about Software Understandability and Security Necessary for Effective Product Development

New development teams have to pay attention to the difficult areas and mistakes from the past to improve not only system security but also the software understandability required to keep developers from injecting new mistakes because they misunderstood the structure or functioning of the code.
Software quality measurement can provide developers with knowledge about past project decisions to help them make correct changes. Developers try to bring together the knowledge from the past project to avoid security mistakes.


Podcast 13

Episode 8: The IT Software Quality Report: Kelly Cannon form IT executive at Kaiser Permanente part two

In this episode, Kelly Cannon, former IT Executive at Kaiser Permanente, talk with CISQ Director, Dr. Bill Curtis about managing the performance and reliability of mission critical IT applications. Cannon discusses the issues that IT executives are now facing due to the complexity and interconnectedness of applications being implemented and how to manage quality in these critical systems.


Podcast 8