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“Risk-Managed” Digital Transformation at Forrester Forum

An event series now in its second year, Forrester Research is hosting the Digital Transformation Forum in cities across the U.S., Europe and India. CISQ is a proud partner along with parent organization, The Object Management Group® (OMG®). This week (May 9-10) we’ve been at Digital Transformation in Chicago with 500+ attendees discussing multiple, important angles of the subject:

  • Creating customer-centric experiences through digital technology
  • Changing business models and operations
  • Discovering new growth opportunities
  • Supporting digital transformation through technology, culture, leadership, skills and processes


CISQ’s expertise in the digital transformation discussion is at the software level – specifically the IT systems and applications that are being built or modernized to enable these new capabilities. Digital systems (software) are powering the enterprise. Operational excellence is critical in terms of system performance, reliability, maintainability, and security (see CISQ’s Automated Quality Characteristic Measures).


Digital is all about the software that runs your business. What we’re hearing at the Forrester Digital Transformation Forum, and from our members, is that they are going to have to write a whole lot of new software for their digital business strategies, and will also have to transform a lot of existing software.


As these new software ecosystems come into being, the ability to measure and certify the non-functional characteristics of software risk is going to become more important. Digital requires business leaders to take charge, because digital transformation is really a business transformation. Yet, there’s still a deep disconnect between what technologists know about the company’s digital assets and what the business people understand. Having a standard lingua-franca to communicate the state of business software is turning out to be increasingly valuable for business stakeholders.


Stop by CISQ’s table at future Forrester events! We’re located near the Forrester product stations.








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