State of the Nation Survey

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State of the Nation Survey

The Consortium for Information & Software Quality™ (CISQ™) has launched its State of the Nation survey, the first comprehensive study of software quality analysis that covers tool vendors, system integrators, managers and engineers at end-user organizations.

The impetus for this study is the alarming increase in software quality-related incidents and CISQ member concerns that organizations are not getting the basics right. We want to see how the move to agile and DevOps is changing not only software quality practices, but developer attitudes and behavior when it comes to code quality. It is also important to see how software quality standards are being utilized by system integrator and end-user organizations; which standards are being used, which sectors are driving adoption, and how organizations are deriving value from the standards.

We will review the results periodically and post updates to CISQ's blog. A State of the Nation report will be published in the fall and sent to all participants.

Instructions for Taking the Survey

There are 6 variations of the survey to choose from based on your persona. Participation in the survey is not limited to a certain number of employees per organization.

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Tool Vendor

I am a software quality analysis tools vendor
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System Integrator

I am a systems integrator or outsourcer and involved with client engagement
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Enterprise - Management Role

I manage teams that use software quality analysis
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Enterprise - Developer/QA Role

I am a Developer or Tester who uses software quality analysis tools
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Enterprise - Vendor Management Role

I am a vendor manager that uses software quality analysis with suppliers
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Non-Software Quality Analysis Users

I do not currently use software quality analysis
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